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Original Thinking - A Radical ReVisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature
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Sacred Politics in Phoenicia, NY: October 25-27, 2019

with Glenn Aparicio Parry and Susan Kaiulani Stanton
at the Menla Retreat Center near Phoenicia, NY


Watch the Original Thinking book trailer below:

“Packed with deep truths and timeless wisdom. “
—GREGG BRADEN, New York Times best selling author of The Divine Matrix and Deep Truth

In Original Thinking, Glenn Aparicio Parry delves into the evolution of Western thought to recover the living roots of wisdom that can correct the imbalances in our modern worldview. Inspired by groundbreaking dialogues that the author organized between Native American elders and leading-edge Western scientists to explore the underlying principles of the cosmos, this book offers a radical revisioning of how we think. Asking questions such as, Is it possible to come up with an original thought?, What does it mean to be human?, and How has our thinking created our world today?, Parry challenges us to consider many of our most basic assumptions. To think originally–as in thinking new thoughts that have never been thought or said before–is according to Parry, largely an illusion.


Circle for Original Thinking is an inclusive, grass-roots organization that honors the ancient and modern, feminine and masculine, Indigenous, Eastern and Western philosophies through their deep, interconnected roots. The vision of Circle for Original Thinking is to restore thinking to its origins and full spectrum—in tune with the way Nature thinks—in order to create a more whole and just world for “all our relations” on our beautiful planet.


Going Deeper with Original Thinking


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