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Dialogue Discussion: Today, in 2014, is it still possible to have an original thought?

Today, humanity is faced with many seemingly intractable social, political, and ecological problems. It may be necessary to think in new and different ways in order to solve these dilemmas. The question for dialogue is:

Today, in 2014, is it still possible to have an original thought?

You are invited to participate in a dialogue on this topic.

6 thoughts on “Today, in 2014, is it still possible to have an original thought?”

  1. I find it interesting that your website/book is called “original thinking” but your question is about “original thought.” The second I define my “thinking” as “thought,” I feel differently about “it” including whether or not “it” is original…

  2. King Solomon (who was thought to have been the wise guy of his generation) wrote, “There is nothing new under the sun”. Why did he say “under the sun”, why not just “there is nothing new”. This means that all new things must come from above the sun. What is the sun? Our rational world of nature and physics. Truly new ideas are revelations that come from beyond. Of course, in the absolute sense they are not new, but they could be new for humanity and those who live, “under the sun” (cool site Glenn, I love the layout).

  3. Creation is the Original Blessing. We have an ‘original’ thought when we align with and take our place in the creation order.

  4. There are original instructions. Whether or not we can listen to them and hear them and be trusted with them would effect whether we can “have” them, which implies ownership, the concept of which would immediately negate any trustworthiness. Perhaps the concept of “have” needs to be further defined, refined.

  5. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you all for sharing. Snow Goose, if you prefer, you can rephrase the question to: “Is it possible to come up with an original thought?”

  6. My answer is, of course it is possible to have an original thought, all that is required is original thinking which can come from an original mind. Now the question becomes do you have an original mind or how do you get one.

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